Join us to learn about the history of ILO C177 and the advocacy work undertaken by our affiliates.

Meeting ID: 876 8207 6315
Passcode: HNI

Duration: 2 hours
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Swahili, Russian, Thai, Indonesian

Welcome & Context Setting

Josephine Olive Parilla, President of HomeNet International

History of ILO C177

Renana Jhabvala, Chairperson of SEWA Bharat and HomeNet South Asia

Articles of ILO C177

Shalini Trivedi, SEWA

Affiliate Experience of Advocacy with C177

Country speakers:

Question & Answer Session

Janhavi Dave, HNI International Coordinator

Summarising the Discussion & Way Forward

Manali Shah, Vice President of HomeNet International

Vote of Thanks

Jemimah Nyakongo, Treasurer of HomeNet International