Workers education

Workers education

Developing Leadership and Business Skills for Informal Women Workers in Fair Trade

This series of training manuals aims to improve the financial independence and capacities of home-based women producers, particularly those involved in fair trade activities. It developed out of the trainings done in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. The series goes through the steps of leadership development; cooperative and independent financing; and the broadening business skills such as product consistency and pricing:

  1. Introduction & Training Module 1: Understanding Gender and Employment Relations
  2. Training Module 2: Understanding Women’s Economic and Social Contribution to Effective Poverty Reduction
  3. Training Module 3: Promoting Democratic Participation and Accountability
  4. Training Module 4: Enhancing Financial and Business Management Skills
  5. Training Module 5: Understanding the Market
  6. Training Module 6: Quality Management Systems
  7. Training Module 7: Improving Innovation and Production Techniques

How Homeworkers Can Use the OEC Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Suply Chains in the Garment and Footwear Sector

By Marlese von Broembsen and Sarah Orleans Reed This 2020 guide explains the OECD Guidelines for Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs) and MNEs’ responsibilities to workers in their supply chains. It contains provisions that relate specifically to homeworkers. This guidebook explains how the complaints process works, with examples, and suggests how homeworkers’ organizations might use the OECD

Promoting the ILO Home Work Convention (C177) and the Rights of Homeworkers: A Manual for Workers’ Educators and Facilitators

This manual, primarily for trade unionists and social movement activists, is designed to provoke and encourage discussion about homeworkers and their rights as workers, raise awareness about the international ILO Home Work Convention and its significance for homeworkers in each country, encourage homeworkers and their supporters to get the ILO Home Work Convention put into