International day of non-violence against women

Campaña Global de los 16 Días
En esta pandemia las trabajadoras en domicilio como las del comercio ambulatorio nuestra situación a sido critico económicamente ya que no se pudo trabajar mas las autoridades se dedicaron a desalojar clausurar los comercios

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Situation of covid 19 in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, since March 18, when the first case of Covid-19 was reported, the Government took all the prevention measures guided by the WHO and put into practice all the protocols of the Ministry of Health, in turn carried out campaigns, talks and trainings at the national level, sensitizing citizens about all prevention measures against

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Key Achievements of the South Asian Home-Based Workers’ Movement and What Its Future Looks Like

Since the dawn of civilisation, when economies were rudimentary, and currency was still in the form of cowries and coarse metal, labour has largely been informal. Despite rapid modernisation, beginning with the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, the informal economy has continued to expand, employing millions. Workers in the informal sector shape the globalised

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