Our Life during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Experiences of Home-based Workers of the Litha Cooperative, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa.

We work together in the Litha Cooperative, a registered cooperative in Cape Town. The group is composed of eight women home-based workers. We are one of seven cooperatives that get regular work from the social enterprise, Township Patterns.

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HomeNet International

In your eyes I have seen a partner, a home worker
what are you and pillar of life, indicated
when with the pandemic it becomes cruel, ruthless
and it makes you a victim, and also strength and hope.

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Greeting October 20

Raise your arms, fellow worker, with all our strength for which we are, alive with fury for those who are not by the Covid snatched and with hope for those to come. Raise your hands and let’s make a chain of unity, of simple hands We are in the north, we are in the south,

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Recipes for common pot

We are moved by unemployment, the lack of food for our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. We started a pot of solidarity, full of mystique and companionship. Cook together taking all the relevant measures, we look fun with zero glamor, a cap or a hair scarf, a mask, gloves, and a nylon dress. The first thing

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El Ratón de la Confección

Había una vez hace mucho tiempo grandes empresas textiles y de la confección y esta historia esta basada en una fábrica de camisas, que es de donde yo vivía “el ratón”. Como cualquier otro humilde y proletario, en la fábrica de camisas. Me crie en medio de telas, hilos , botones,  yo me divertía en

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