HomeNet Africa conducted its regional workshop from the 5th to the 8th of March, 2024, bringing together a total of forty-eight participants from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Ghana. The workshop aimed to achieve several key objectives, focusing on receiving feedback from National Networks and Organisations on activity implementation and plans for the upcoming financial year, as well as gathering insights on various research initiatives and proposing future steps.

The event featured a combination of in-person and online discussions and presentations, allowing for a comprehensive exchange of ideas and information among participants. By the conclusion of the workshop, several key outcomes were achieved, including a clearer understanding of the country and organisational plans outlined by each national network and organisation present. Additionally, valuable feedback was received on policy briefs conducted in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the focused discussion on the craft supply chain research, which shed light on both the opportunities and challenges. Participants also delved into the African Union Social Protection protocol, gaining a deeper understanding of its contents and the importance of ratification for the region.

Furthermore, the workshop provided a platform for constructive dialogue on the HNA draft constitution, with participants offering feedback and suggestions for improvement. As a result, areas for enhancement were identified, paving the way for a more refined version of the constitution in the future. Lastly, an interim regional council and its executive committee were also elected during the workshop.