2nd HomeNet International Congress

We are many
We are united
We are HomeNet International

HomeNet International welcomed 127 home-based worker leaders from 71 of its 75 affiliate organisations to its four-day Congress in Kathmandu, Nepal, which took place between April 25 – 28, 2023. This is the first time that HNI delegates met in person to elect a new governing body, discuss their priority areas of work, showcase their products in a vibrant HBWs Bazaar and deepen the solidarity and unity that were built by HNI during the pandemic’s online activities. The slogan of HNI’s Congress – “We Are Many, We Are United, We Are HomeNet International ”, summarises the theme of the event – organising and building solidarity.

Congress Highlights

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Video Highlights

Renana Jhabvala speaks about the history of the movement and HNI

Renana Jhabvala, Chairperson of SEWA Bharat and HNSA, went back in time – more than four decades – to the days she worked alongside Ela Bhatt at SEWA.

Chandni Joshi speaks about the history of the movement and HNI

Chandni Joshi, founder and enforcer of HNSA, described what was done behind the scenes to achieve two major milestones for the HBWs movement.

Rakawin Leechanavanichpan speaks about the history of the movement and HNI

Rakawin Leechanavanichpan, founder of HomeNet Thailand and chairperson of the Foundation for Labour and Employment Promotion, presented a brief summary of the history of HomeNet Southeast Asia.

HNI’s new Executive Committee

Approval of the new HNI Executive Committee by Congress delegates and short speeches from each new member.

Election of HNI Office-bearers

Barbro Budin announces the 3 Office-bearers and asks delegates to show their cards for approval.

Speech from HNI President, Josephine “Olive” Parilla

Our Executive Committee President delivers a powerful speech emphasizing the strength and unity of our community, and expressing her pride and honor in being elected as the HNI President.

Speech from HNI Vice President, Manali Shah

Remarks of our ExCo Vice President on empowering women, advocating for social security, and building a strong network.

Speech from HNI Treasurer, Jemima Nyakongo

Powerful words from Jemima, our newly elected treasurer, as she addresses the Congress and shares her vision for the future and her commitment to advancing the rights of home-based workers.

Opening remarks from Marty Chen (WIEGO) on organising

Marty Chen, founder and Board member of WIEGO, gave the opening remarks to the plenary discussion on “Organising”

Watch the plenary discussion led by Jane Barett (WIEGO’s Organising and Representation Programme Director) where home-based workers shared their experiences on “Organising”.

Solidarity Messages

Solidarity Message from Mirai Chatterjee (WIEGO)

Watch Mirai’s message, where she acknowledged the contributions of home-based workers and congratulated them for their unwavering dedication.

Sally Roever, WIEGO’s international coordinator gave an incredible speech to close our congress, inspiring us to continue organising for the rights of home-based workers!

Watch the powerful speech of Ghada Abdel Tawab, from Ford Foundation in support of home-based workers! “This Congress is the culmination of a long learning journey that is more than five decades to make home-based workers visible and recognized as workers.”