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Jemimah Nyakongo, our treasurer, and Josephine Olive Parilla, our president, emphasize the significance of ratifying ILO C177 or establishing policies, irrespective of ratification, to ensure fair and just working conditions for all home-based workers.
By: Video courtesy of AP1TV
The Advisory Board of HomeNet South Asia (HNSA) convened in Kathmandu, Nepal, for a three-day Regional Conference, where they presented a collective "Call to Action", urging immediate attention to the issues facing home-based workers. The gathering brought together chairpersons, enforcers, trustees, advisory board members, and associates of HNSA, along with home-based workers from seven South Asian nations. The President of HNI, Josephine Olive Parilla, was also present at the Conference and was interviewed by the local television channel AP1TV.
By Bella Web - Vogue Business
Janhavi Dave comments on the insufficient compensation paid by some brands, the ongoing struggles faced by garment workers, and the need for transparency, accountability, and decent working conditions in the industry.
By: Women and work European Union
The meeting of EU ministers in the Competitiveness Council was a crucial moment to ensure businesses accountability for human rights abuses and environmental damage.
By: Franziska Korn
Interview with Marlese von Broembsen, head of legal affairs at the international organization WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing) on the topic "Global Economy and Corporate Responsibility"
By: Arwa Mahdawi, USA
Home workers in Sindh province are celebrating new social security benefits, after being denied lockdown funding

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