Executive Committee

HNI’s new and first Executive Committee was elected during HNI’s Congress in April 2023, in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Executive Committee is a vital component of HomeNet International, and plays a crucial role in decision-making, strategy development, and overall governance, ensuring that the mission and objectives of our organization are upheld effectively and bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to address the specific needs of different regions or areas of operation.

President: Josephine Olive Parilla is currently the President of both HomeNet International's Executive Committee and PATAMABA-Workers in the Informal Sector Enterprise (WISE). She is also HomeNet SouthEast Asia’s Regional Coordinator, besides holding key positions within HomeNet Philippines, including serving on the Executive Committee and as the Secretary of HomeNet Producers Cooperative.

Vice-President: Manali Shah is the Vice-President of HomeNet International's Executive Committee and the National Secretary of SEWA (Self-Employed Women's Association) in India. With over 31 years of experience working with SEWA, Manali has been a relentless advocate for the rights of informal economy women workers. Her commitment and expertise have made her a valuable asset in promoting the interests of home-based workers in India and beyond.

Treasurer: Jemimah Nyakongo is a hands-on home-based worker with extensive experience in mobilizing and organizing women in the community. Currently serving as HomeNet International's Executive Committee Treasurer, she holds the position of Organizing Secretary to Rachuonyo Women Group, an affiliate of HomeNet Kenya. Jemimah's dedication is further reflected in her role as the current Chairperson of HomeNet Kenya, where she continues to make a significant impact.

Apsara Dangol is a member of HomeNet International's Executive Committee and the Chairperson of SABAH Nepal. With a long-standing association with SABAH Nepal since 2009, she has been actively involved in membership development campaigns, networking, and organizing grassroots level home-based workers. Apsara has played a crucial role as the Coordinator and leader of Khokana CFC and has been representing home-based workers in the SABAH Board since 2020.

Edileuza Guimarães is a member of HomeNet International's Executive Committee and the President of ATEMDO - Association of Home-based Workers of Solidarity Economy in Brazil. With a strong engagement in the Solidarity Economy movement since 2005, she actively supports workers from all segments of the informal economy. Edileuza is also a member of the Interim Committee of COTRADO ALAC, further contributing to advocating for the rights of informal economy workers.

Lavrent Alania is a member of HomeNet International's Executive Committee and the Director of the Trade Union Training and Retraining Center. With a strong background in trade union activity, he has been actively involved in representing workers' rights. Lavrent has held various leadership positions, including the President of the Trade Union of Georgian Automobile Transport and Highways' Workers and the Vice President of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (GTUC).

Rebecca Nelson is a member of HomeNet International's Executive Committee, serving as the Coordinator of HomeNet Tanzania. Additionally, she holds the position of Secretary of UWAKE group and is an expert in batik production. Rebecca has been instrumental in expanding organizing and mobilizing efforts for home-based workers in Tanzania and across the African region, making a significant contribution to their empowerment.

Svetlana Balalaeva is a member of HomeNet International's Executive Committee and the co-chair of HomeNet EE/CA (Eastern Europe/Central Asia). Her experience includes serving as the Executive Director of the Women Creative Studios Association "Aidemi" and as the Technical Coordinator for Kyrgyzstan in the regional project "Mobilizing Public Private Partnerships in Support of Women-led Small Business Development." Svetlana's dedication to promoting the rights of women home-based workers is evident through her various roles and contributions.

Tatiana Venus Rojas Orellana has been actively involved in social work related to gender, women, unions, and LGBTIQ+ movements for over 20 years. She is currently a member of HomeNet International's Executive Committee and also serves as the President and Secretary of the Luis Gauthier Union of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Workers, Treasurer of the National Textile Confederation (CONTEXTIL), and Coordinator in CONATRADO.

Titin Kustini is a member of HomeNet International's Executive Committee and Secretary of HomeNet South-East Asia. She is also the Director at Yayasan Pemerhati Sosial Indonesia, an Advocacy Team Leader for Women Home-Based Workers and Child Labor and Director of Social Concern Foundation of Indonesia.

Coordinators Ex-Officio Members

International Coordinator

Janhavi Dave is the first International Coordinator of HomeNet International, previously serving as the Coordinator of HomeNet South Asia. With over 15 years of experience of organising and building membership-based organisations of informal economy women workers, she has worked with notable organizations such as the Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) and Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO).

Regional Coordinators

Africa: Edwin Kipkoech Bett is the current Regional Coordinator for HomeNet Africa and brings with him 25 years of experience in women's economic empowerment, organizational development, and market access, particularly within the Fair Trade network. His previous roles as a board member in the World Fair Trade Organization and National Coordinator for the Kenya Federation for Alternative Trade have provided valuable insights for the growth of HomeNet International and the advancement of home-based workers.

Eastern Europe & Central Asia: Violeta Borisova is currently the Regional Coordinator of HomeNet EE & CA and president of the Union of self-employed and informal workers "Edinstvo" in Bulgaria. She has worked for more than 23 years in solving the problems of home-based workers in the Republic of Bulgaria and, since 2009, she has been also actively organizing home workers from the Balkan countries and Turkey.

South Asia: Sristi Joshi Malla has over 20 years of experience in supporting home-based workers. She is currently the Regional Coordinator for HomeNet South Asia and an Advisory Board Member, actively contributing to various networks. Previously, she served as Chairperson of SABAH Nepal, empowering over 4000 members and gaining global recognition and has spoken at several prestigious international forums.

South-East Asia: Suntaree Saeng Ging has been actively involved in working with informal workers, including Home-Based Workers (HBWs), for the past 30 years. She played a crucial role in establishing HomeNet Thailand and currently serves as a board member. Additionally, Suntaree holds the position of Regional Coordinator for HomeNet South East Asia.


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