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Strengthening the dialogue on the Social and Solidarity Economy in Brazil

The other aspect that COTRADO ALAC wants to highlight comes from Brazil, and the work done around the Social and Solidarity Economy, associated with revolving funds. These funds aim at self-management and should seek the ability to produce local, national and regional income to finance all possible struggles. It has been demonstrated that there is

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COTRADO ALAC’s collective actions and efforts of 2023

2023 has been a challenging year for COTRADO ALAC, for the management team and its Interim Executive Committee members. However, their representatives were able to learn about different realities and laws because many of the activities were carried out outside of Latin America.

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Fifth regional meeting of the regional coordination of Home-based Workers’ organisations of Latin America and the Caribbean- COTRADO ALAC

On October 12, 13 and 14, 2022 at the headquarters of the Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT) in São Paulo, Brazil, the fifth regional meeting of the Regional Coordination of Home-Based Workers’ Organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean was held. The meeting was an opportunity to dialogue, reflect, and plan activities to strengthen the

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RENATTA-Perú Visited its Members and Registered the Organization in the Labour Ministry of Peru

RENATTA is an organization made up of 1260 market vendors, street vendors, and home-based workers. It is part of the Campaign “Workers Overcoming Covid-19“ carried out by Informal Economy Workers´ Organizations in Lima, Peru. As part of the activities, from October to December 2021, RENATTA´s President (Rita Maguiña), Vice-President (Alcira Varillas) and Secretary of Organization

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ATEMDO Met Brazilian Home-based Workers in the Cities of Miravânia (Minas Gerais State), Aracati (Ceará State), Artur Nogueira, Osasco and Guarulhos (São Paulo State)

In November and December 2021 the team from Associação de Trabalhadores em Domicílio (ATEMDO) organized face-to-face meetings with associations and self-employed HBWs in Miravânia- Minas Gerais; Osasco, Guarulhos and Artur Nogueira- São Paulo; and an online meeting with Artsol Association of Aracati city, Ceará. The project “Ancestrality: redeeming knowledge to build the future” supported by

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Victory for HBWs rights in Chile

An Interview with Patricia Coñoman, newly elected Councilwoman of the municipality of El Bosque

Patricia Coñoman, member of the International Working Committee of HomeNet International and one of the coordinators of CONATRADO Chile, talked to HNI about her trajectory in the struggle for the rights of home-based workers, as well as the factors that determined her recent election as Councilwoman in the municipality of El Bosque.

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Inaugural Poem of HomeNet International Launch

Poem by Patricia Coñoman, Interim Regional Representative, CONATRADO CHILE Today we are celebrating, we join hands and we Organize internationally, in spite of everything. Today we are present, standing with dignity Who could imagine that home- based workers Not even the pandemic could subdue them and That we can build, even if it’s virtually. I

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