The Danube Embroidery event aims to bring together craft enthusiasts from the Danube region to showcase their best work related to the Danube flower. The event has a competitive aspect, with the winner receiving the original Bachki folk costume made by the association “Golden hands” from Bachki Petrovac. In 2012, the award was won by women from Vrbas, who displayed it in their association’s premises on a doll.

The event aims to gather and showcase a collection of folk costumes, marking the opening of the costume museum in Bačka Palanka. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own costumes or needlework as gifts, contributing to the museum’s collection. The first gift, a completed costume, was brought by guests from Ulm and the German association based in Bačka Palanka.

“After retirement, I joined and I am happy with the women of the Association. We attend different events and always see something new,” mentioned Dessa Radisic from Backa Palanka, the oldest member of the Golden Hands Women’s Society.

“We do everything by hand…we knit, we embroider, we crochet, we also have women who knit necklaces. We nurture the tradition,” says Eva Galbach from Novi Bečej.

Niko Jovicic from Obrovac learned to knit and embroider as a child. “While I was herding cows in Bosnia, a neighbor taught me to knit and embroider. I’m not ashamed of my hands and my work,” he adds.

“Bačka Regional Development Agency is branding our event and we are very proud of that. Last year, in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, out of two thousand events, ours was named one of the three best. The goal is to open the Folklore Museum in Bačka Palanka in the costumes of the upcoming period. Thank you to all participants in “Danube Vezmo”. We thank the local government and HomeNet organization for their support”, Zora Kaytez from the Women’s Association “Golden Hands” added.