From 18 to 20 October, HomeNet South Asia (HNSA) organised a series of events in Kathmandu, Nepal, focusing on the empowerment of home-based workers in the South Asian region. The conference brought together home-based workers (HBWs) from the region belonging to HNSA’s Affiliates, the HNSA Advisory Board, Board of Trustees, government officials, and bilateral and multilateral agencies. HBWs current challenges were addressed and their achievements were celebrated, and together they strategized future actions for the betterment of HBWs livelihoods. It was also attended by the President of HomeNet International Ms. Josephine Parilla.

An eight point call-to-action for the Ratification of ILO C177 was drafted and signed by all Affiliates, Board of Trustees, and the HNSA team, and was presented to the Honourable Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Government of Nepal who presided in the Solidarity Meet as the chief guest. His commitment to support the cause of HBWs, to push for policy changes and implement measures that recognise and improve the conditions of HBWs at a national level was applauded by all.

The conference highlighted the key issues of home-based workers who contribute significantly to the economy yet face myriad challenges such as lack of formal recognition, inadequate wages, occupational health risks, and limited market access. The event also showcased successful initiatives like SABAHs in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bhutan.

The Solidarity Meet concluded with a solidarity walk in the heart of Kathmandu where over 120 home-based workers from HNSA’s Affiliates came together from seven countries of South Asia to showcase solidarity and celebrate International Home Based Workers’ Day 2023. HNI’s President and HNI team in Nepal also participated in this peaceful walk led by the traditional drummers and musicians.