The seminar on the social aspects of home-based work in Kyrgyzstan took place on September 14 and 15, 2023 in the village of Acha-Kaindy, Atbashi district, Naryn region.

The seminar tackled various issues related to home-based work in rural areas, showcasing the video film “Caravan of Homeworkers of Central Asia” and featuring master classes on eco-printing and demonstrations from the Cheber-Koldor group were held.

Representatives from different organizations, such as Aidemi Association and NGO Ak-Bairak, presented information related to HomeNet International’s plans, the HNI Congress held in Nepal, and the plans for HNEE & CA.

Additionally, a letter was prepared to seek assistance from the Federation of Trade Unions in promoting the ratification of ILO Convention 177 and transitioning to a greener economy. The seminar also included visits to the Uz-Nur-Aiym group in the village of Min-Bulak and the NGO Ak-Bairak in the village of At-Bashi.