The months of September and October in Nicaragua are characterized by the celebration of the national holidays, a period that is used by home-based workers and self-employed workers to increase their sales and the supply of their products.

During this period as an organisation we accompanied the unions in their events, participating in fairs where they offered their products for student activities, such as school uniforms, academic excellence bands, among others.

During the national holidays, as it was a long weekend (14-17 September), the mobilisation of our members was intense, and the organisation made the necessary arrangements to guarantee the participation of our colleagues in the different events and spaces where they could offer the products they produce.

In October and November, organisational and training were carried out, promoting greater knowledge among our affiliates about home workers and the ways in which they can collaborate with them to improve the value chain of their products. Also, activities were carried out to mark International Home-based Workers Day.

We also coordinated actions in relation to the road projects being carried out by the Mayor’s office that affect the self-employed workers who work in these areas. We have managed to relocate more than 400 self-employed workers to different spaces, allowing them to continue working and generating the necessary income to support their families.

During the months of November and December, training took place on activities that can be carried out at home, such as decoration of events, jewelry-making and handicrafts.