Raise your arms, fellow worker,
with all our strength for which we are, alive
with fury for those who are not by the Covid snatched
and with hope for those to come.

Raise your hands and let’s make a chain of unity, of simple hands
We are in the north, we are in the south, we are in the east, we are in the west.
Raise your face and look at the problem head on,
make those who see you tremble, just by seeing your transparent gaze.

We raise our arms for health and education
We raise our arms, to make ourselves heard
We raise our arms to have a home
We raise our arms for world peace

Raise your arms to regain our identity.
We are working women, not entrepreneurs as they want to deceive us
Raise your arms so that our governments, become fairer
To ratify the conventions, which give us equality
177 is an example of social justice.

Raise your arms, hands and face, look as equals
that this is our fight, it is ours, to win our seat
and we do not intend to accept defeat as the end result.

On October 20 we celebrate our Anniversary and we have to work
to make home-based work visible, informal work.
We raise our arms as a symbol of unity
We salute the whole world, the informal economy.

To the solidarity economy, which fills us with joy, hope and solidarity.
Let’s raise our arms to eradicate racism from our society
If we are all equal, women with rights to you, I want to greet you
on this October 20 on this world day that we are going to celebrate.
With all arms raised as a symbol of world unity.

Patricia Coñoman Carrillo