We are moved by unemployment, the lack of food for our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. We started a pot of solidarity, full of mystique and companionship.

Cook together taking all the relevant measures, we look fun with zero glamor, a cap or a hair scarf, a mask, gloves, and a nylon dress.

The first thing we do is clean everything with chlorine water. None had experience in a common pot, all only cooked at home for their family. It has been interesting to discover the great capacities of each one of us. .All doing everything, peeling, cooking, with music, to sing and scare the bug …

Going out to order vegetables at the fair, not all of them give us but those who do it are with affection, they know that the success of our crusade also depends on them, people arrive and the fear of contagion disappears, we want to hug each one of them, we see their faces full of gratitude, they convey their needs, we know that what we do is correct and it is then that we forget what they tell us in our homes. And why you? And if you get infected, what are we going to do? Are you defying the virus?

Such is the class commitment with people to our peers, that it makes the virus unconscious, frightened and does not dare to look at us, the commitment that makes us put a barrier between the virus and ourselves is greater.

Anyway, when we divide the masses to make the kneaded bread, we do it with pleasure with love for those who will consume it, it is done with courage and decision, which makes us dream that this has already happened and we will go out to the streets to continue fighting for the dignity of an entire people that is tired of so much injustice and inequality, this pot is full of hope, because we don’t like this Chile.

We are cooking so that this recipe of unity and solidarity multiplies, that it reaches all corners of our populations, an entire people who are hungry and hopeless, this recipe has as ingredients. Social Justice, Free and quality Education, access to comprehensive health, has a retirement that allows us to live the last years of life with joy, company for the elderly, has decent housing. Parks for boys and girls, Cultural Centers for youth. I work for men and women who build the country with their hands. With salaries that take us out of poverty and allow us to be happy.

For this recipe to result:

Stir all the ingredients, add mobilization, participation, simmer, gather patience, conviction, and a New Constitution will result.

Patricia Coñoman