In your eyes I have seen a partner, a home worker
what are you and pillar of life, indicated
when with the pandemic it becomes cruel, ruthless
and it makes you a victim, and also strength and hope.

Hope of resilience, of standing again and again
when everything is corrupted, you are there, with clean hands,
always dignified, and stopped and without perverting
you essence organized working woman.

I have seen you … suffer and get up helping those who suffer
between natural disasters, wars, and pandemic
of a globalized world, in social conflict, where the economic, the
hunger and live, that with you, violent rages.

Woman without a name, invisible, your rights violated.
Woman with a face marked by unleashed anguish
showing your tear; of an insensitive, inhuman model.
Woman of the whole world, we open our eyes to the organized world
WIEGO helps us build a new breed of women

Thus … your pain is diluted, when, in your solidarity pot you cook
food, for others like you and me who share associates.
Working woman I offer you my hand, clean emancipator
Let’s join hands, let’s embrace the world organized that thus in
in the midst of the pandemic, women around the world will be
standing and visible

Patricia Coñoman Carrillo