Workers gather in a festive atmosphere to celebrate Home-Based Workers Day across the globe!

On October 20th, home-based workers from around the world celebrated the International Home-Based Workers Day. All the way from Nepal, to the gates of India’s Labour Department, and the streets of Pakistan, to regional gatherings in Brazil and singing and dancing in Kenya  – and in many more countries – HBWs gathered in festive mode, but also demanding secure income, decent work, and recognition as rightful workers.

HNI Working Committee members and the Secretariat were present during the Solidarity March organised by HomeNet South Asia, right after their first Congress, which took place in Kathmandu, Nepal. Throughout Kathmandu, home-based workers cried out “We are a movement, we are a sisterhood, we are together!”
Below you will find pictures and videos of the several celebrations organised by affiliates from different parts of the world.

Messages from Home-based Worker Leaders and Representatives at the HomeNet South Asia Solidarity March