HomeNet Africa delegates noted a lot of positive highlights from the HNI Congress held from 25th-28th April, in Kathmandu Nepal. Some of their reflections were the following:

“We appreciated that we are unified globally, the organisation and mobilisation of the Congress was good.”

“Despite the Covid- 19 impacts on HBWs we have remained determined. The site visits depicted that we share similar challenges, HBWs are still struggling to achieve Social Protection as workers.”

“The Home-based Workers Bazaar was impressive, the products from Nepal and Southeast Asia were of high quality, the Bazaar also had good African products.”

“We need to add more value to our products, continue with organising and having capacity building sessions.”

“The elections of the Office-bearers were amiable, the food was good, the event was punctual, but a few members were not in the hall on time.”

“Through our thematic discussions of Access to Markets, there was a realisation that market access is a global challenge.”

“There is a need do exchange visits and see what others are doing without having to wait for HNI to support the visits”

“HNA to think of economically sustaining itself as a regional body. To strengthen our unity as Africans there is a need to ally with different countries, and need to start benchmarking on that.”