Leaders from nine regions of the country got together in February for a two-day training, with the majority attending such an activity for the first time. The purpose of this training was to prepare and organise local, regional, national, and international events.

The training kicked off with a warm welcome from the leaders at the Guest House in Ograzhden Mountain in Southwestern Bulgaria and concluded with an engaging presentation of Bulgarian customs and folk dances. The hosts also organised an exhibition showcasing hand-made martenitsa, traditional Bulgarian souvenirs, in celebration of the upcoming first of March holiday.

During the training, the leaders were divided into three groups, each focusing on specific thematic events. They were tasked with creating organisational plans and programmes for their respective events.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the registration of the Union of Self-Employed and Informal Workers “Edinstvo” in Bulgaria, as well as the 10th anniversary of the registration of HomeNet Eastern Europe.