The traditional Spring Fair of Crafts was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The event was organised by the Regional Chamber of Crafts, HomeNet2016 Cooperative and the Municipality, and took place from May 25 to 28, 2023. This year, home-based workers from all over Bulgaria and their Eastern Europe and Central Asia partners brought much life to the central part of the city by featuring their traditional crafts.

“Beaded jewellery” was the theme of this year’s plein-air. The interweaving of beads in the ornaments and costumes of the Bulgarian woman is an ancient tradition. Participants in the plein-air were challenged to restore an antique piece of beaded jewellery. A jury determined the winner of the competition. The interweaving of beads in jewellery and part of folk costumes hold secret signs and ornaments.

The work of artisans from all over the country was present, their work never ceases to delight and amaze everyone with their talent and inspiration.

Home art-makers from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan who are members of HNEE & CA also participated for the first time. They have many years of experience in felting and traditional embroidery.

The event was financed by the Annual Tourism Development Program of the Municipality of Plovdiv for 2023 and with the support of HomeNet2016.