Poem by Patricia Coñoman,
Interim Regional Representative, CONATRADO CHILE

Today we are celebrating, we join hands and we
Organize internationally, in spite of everything.

Today we are present, standing with dignity
Who could imagine that home- based workers
Not even the pandemic could subdue them and
That we can build, even if it’s virtually.

I have a glass in my hand to be able to toast,
We will come out strengthened, to go out fighting
In spite of everything, we will become warriors
To help organize the whole world against all odds.

We are workers coming together, out of necessity
No matter our color, religion, race, we must come together
As we are diverse, today we are going to inaugurate
Home Net International.

We are workers, we belong
To a special class, a working class
We will never give up trying to get recognized and
Exit from invisibility.

Today we put on our gala dress to inaugurate
We have fought the pandemic with
Commitment and solidarity
Here I say goodbye with a big virtual hug.

But no less fraternal and with happiness
To be all united in HomeNet International
We are home-based workers and I say it with dignity
We maintain our homes, with strength and unity.

We shall overcome, we shall overcome globally
As organized workers we shall overcome
Like a world anthem we shall overcome.

Patricia Coñoman Carrillo