HomeNet Africa held a preparatory meeting for the HNI Congress in the month of February, 2023 in Entebbe, Uganda with the following objectives:

The HNA affiliates delegates from Kenya (10) , Uganda (10) and Tanzania (5) together with observer participants from South Africa (1) and Ethiopia (1) were joined by a HNI delegation of 3, the Ngalo Buwereza Organization chairperson (1), WIEGO (1) and the regional coordination support (1); a total of 33 in the discussions listed above.

The introductory session of the meeting gave the participants an opportunity to know each other with an emphasis on the delegates names, organisation affiliated to HNI representing, brief overview of the organisation, number of members, main livelihood and current organising activities. The session extended to sharing on activities of HNI affiliates participated in over the last 2 years. In addition to the same, the delegates resolved to endorse Edwin Bett to be the Regional Coordinator of HomeNet Africa, noting that the success of activities done in the past 2 years have been made possible through his support given to the different HNA participating national organisations, affiliates and HNI. The participants also thanked WIEGO and HNI for the support; both technical and financial given to HNA.

The discussions on the congress plan revolved around the current draft, contributions and expectations of the HNA delegates including regional reports presentation as well as the cultural events that will run alongside the program. The delegates noted the need to have an interactive program that accords an opportunity to fulfill the congress objectives while equally ensuring active participation by delegates. Notable decisions was the submission of 200 pouches from HNA and desire to participate in the bazaar during congress. The participation logistics were discussed at length noting the need for earlier preparation in ensuring that all delegates have valid passports, tickets and invitation letters together with the necessary vaccinations for visa application. It was noted that an earlier reimbursement process will be instituted to enable delegates receive refunds on time and take away pressure from the HNI financial team. In line with fulfilling the constitutional requirements of the regional bodies towards the HNI formulation of the Executive Committee and actively participating in the deliberations of congress, it was imperative for the delegates to discuss the HNI constitution especially on the composition of congress and elections. Towards the same each affiliate ensured that they submitted the joining fee as well as participated in the elections of the 2 represntatives from HNA region; thereby electing Jemimah Nyakongo from HomeNet Kenya, Kenya and Rebecca Nyaluke from UWAKE, Tanzania.