ATEMDO Met Brazilian Home-based Workers in the Cities of Miravânia (Minas Gerais State), Aracati (Ceará State), Artur Nogueira, Osasco and Guarulhos (São Paulo State)

In November and December 2021 the team from Associação de Trabalhadores em Domicílio (ATEMDO) organized face-to-face meetings with associations and self-employed HBWs in Miravânia- Minas Gerais; Osasco, Guarulhos and Artur Nogueira- São Paulo; and an online meeting with Artsol Association of Aracati city, Ceará.

The project “Ancestrality: redeeming knowledge to build the future” supported by HomeNet International and WIEGO was presented in all meetings. The International Labour Organization Convention 177, on Home-based Work, instruments for formalization, principles of solidarity economy and solidary revolving funds were discussed with participants. A questionnaire of 79 questions about the living and working conditions of ATEMDO’s members was also applied.

The activities carried out were rich in exchanges between participants. At the end of most of the activities, local solidarity revolving funds were created. In addition, there was also participation of local public authorities, which helped to strengthen the social dialogue and advance better living and working conditions for all HBWs. Follow ATEMDO’s activities here:

ATEMDO Brazil Activities Oct - Dec, 2021

Municipal district of Panelinha I in Miravânia, Minas Gerais

November 24

Meeting held at the Municipal School José Belém de Souza in the municipal district of Peri Peri in Miravânia, Minas Gerais

November 25

City Council in the center of Miravânia, Minas Gerais

November 25

Meeting at the headquarters of ATEMDO in Osasco, São Paulo

November 30

Meeting at the city of Artur Nogueira, Minas Gerais:

December 7

Meeting at the city of Artur Nogueira, Minas Gerais

December 7

Online meeting with Artsol Association of Ceará State

December 15

Meeting at Guarulhos, São Paulo

December 20