HomeNet South Asia held a regional Training of Trainers on Violence Against Women HBWs in South Asia in Nepal

HNSA conducted the regional ToT from 10th– 12th May with trainers from the ground to equip them with knowledge and skills for carrying further training on the issue of violence against women HBWs. Sessions by experts over three days covered data on violence, laws and policies in countries to address violence, C-190 and its relevance for the HBWs movement. 

The training aimed to achieve the following:

  1. Bringing together partner organisations from Nepal, India and Bangladesh to build perspective on
    1. the nature of violence faced by home-based workers,
    2. addressing the violence and harassment faced by HBWs in each of these countries
    3. the ILO convention C190
    4. and to devise strategies for joint advocacy with labour movements and civil society actors.
  2. Building and strengthening of capacity of member organisations and HBWs leaders on:
    1. definition of worker, types of worker - formal and informal, home-based workers and their role and contribution to the informal economy.
    2. Concepts such as Gender and various types of Violences faced by HBWs.
    3. Private, community and institutional level redressal mechanisms for types of violence faced.
    4. Existing gaps in the protection laws and policies in GBV for home-based workers in each of the countries.
    5. Context of C190 and what it means for the HBWs
    6. Encouraging participating organisations to strengthen the community-led redressal mechanisms on violence and harassment.
    7. Providing a cross-learning platform and for sharing experience on issues around violence and challenges faced by them while dealing with it in their respective countries.