2nd HNI Congress

HomeNet International (HNI) is a global network of membership-based workers’ organizations representing thousands of home-based workers (HBWs) around the world. In February 2021, 36 HBW organizations from 20 countries became the first affiliate members to join the organization, representing more than 600 000 HBWs. Currently, HNI represents more than 1.2 million home-based workers, from 75 organizations spread across 33 countries.

From April 25-28, 2023, HomeNet International will host its second congress, in Kathmandu, Nepal, where HBWs from around the globe will come together to:


Past Congress

HNI’s 1st Congress (virtual) was held in February 2021, where home-based workers unanimously endorsed their 1st Constitution. You can check the Congress’ official page here.

Coming to the HNI Congress 2023?


Kathmandu, Nepal


April 25th

  1. Opening Cultural Event
  2. Introductions (participants, programme, Resolutions and Elections Committee)
  3. Reports (HNI and Regions)

April 26th

  1. Cultural Activity (COTRADO Alac)
  2. Announcement of Executive Committee
  3. Elections of the Office Bearers
  4. Plenary Discussion on Organising
  5. Thematic Discussions (Social Protection, OHS, Access to Markets, SSE and Climate Change)

April 27th

  1. Cultural activity from HNEE&CA
  2. Reporting: Elections Results and Thematic Discussions
  3. Field Visit
  4. Cultural Event

April 28th

  1. Cultural Event by HNSEA
  2. Congress Declarations
  3. Brief Plan of HNI for one year
  4. Message from Sister Organisations & Allies
  5. Closing Remarks
The HBWs Bazaar will be open during all 4 days of Congress at specific times each day.

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Practical Information


Nepali is the official language in Nepal and is spoken by 78% of the population either as first or second language. For those who don’t speak Nepali, HNI Congress will have its sessions interpreted in (languages) by professional interpreters.


We can expect pleasant weather during April in Kathmandu, with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 28°C. We recommend comfortable summer outfits for the day, with a few warm layers like shawls or thin jackets for mornings and evenings. We can expect occasional showers, and therefore we would recommend that you please carry an umbrella or a raincoat.

Dialling code and Cellphone usage​​

The country dialing code for Nepal is +977. Your cellular phone will most likely work in Kathmandu, however, to avoid potentially expensive roaming charges, it is strongly recommended that you turn off your data before arriving in the country. Our Congress’ venue has a free Wi-Fi connection, so there is no reason for visitors to incur additional charges with their cell phone carrier.

Time Difference​​

In April, when the HNI Congress will be held, Kathmandu will be on NPT (Nepal Time) which corresponds to UTC/GMT +5:45 hours. Note that Kathmandu uses a special quarter-hour time zone.


Nepal uses 220-240 volts and 50 MHZ. Electric plugs in Nepal have two or three round prongs rather than the flat ones used in the US or other nations. You will need a travel plug adaptor to plug in your appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit if you need one.

Frequency in Nepal: 50 MHZ Primary Socket Types in Nepal:

Questions & Requests

If you have any questions, requests, or need help with anything related to your trip to Nepal, you can reach out to your regional coordinators directly, or contact Sarbani and Kripa from the HNI team.


Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Date: April 25, 2023
Duration: 4 Days