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Access to Markets for Home-Based Workers – Final Planning Session

The last webinar of our six-part series on Access to Markets took place on February 2nd, 2023. Besides a planning session about HNI’s Access to Markets Programme, the central focus was on the needs HNI affiliates have regarding access to markets for the products made by Home-Based Workers.

Panelists were Edwin Bett (HomeNet Africa & facilitator), Sristi Joshi Malla (HNSA), Laura Morillo (WIEGO) on behalf of ATEMDO, HNI Affiliate in Brazil, Suntaree Saeng-ging (HNSEA), Jemimah Nyakongo (HomeNet Kenya) and Violeta Zlateva (HNEE & CA).

Watch the webinar HERE


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A Visit to ATEMDO’s Headquarters in Brazil

I recently visited ATEMDO’s new headquarters in Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil, and I’m going to share here the news and activities that are already being organized in full swing in the new space.Right at the entrance, an open space overlooking the street is dedicated to ATEMDO’s new store, which features products made by affiliated workers.

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