COTRADO ALAC Regional Organizer

Terms of reference and job profile for the HomeNet International / COTRADO ALAC regional organizer position

HomeNet International (HNI) and COTRADO ALAC are seeking to hire an experienced coordinator in Latin America to work directly with their regional COTRADO ALAC structure to strengthen affiliates, organize home-based workers and act as a key player in building and strengthening home-based worker programs in the region.


Join us and contribute to actions to improve home-based workers’ lives together with the Regional Coordination of Home-based Workers’ Organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean (COTRADO ALAC). This is a position which main function is to establish the link with the different grassroot organizations of COTRADO ALAC, to facilitate the development of the implicit tasks of each one of its affiliates and to advance in the development and consolidation of the regional organization. It is a political and administrative position, as it is oriented to promote the development of the organization of home-based workers and the strengthening of the grassroot organizations of COTRADO ALAC, and of HNI in the region; and it contributes to the distribution and management of material, economic and human resources available for the adequate performance of the functions defined in the plans and projects of the region.

Based on this position definition, the duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Coordinating with the different grassroots organizations affiliated to COTRADO ALAC in developing the activities proposed by the regional organization.
  2. Promoting the incorporation of new grassroots organizations of home-based workers to the regional organization in other countries where it has not yet been developed.
  3. Developing local and regional initiatives that enable the organization of home-based workers in the region.
  4. Contributing to the development of plans and proposals for rules and regulations necessary for sub-contracted home-based work (subordinate work) and self-employed home-based work (autonomous work) in the region. Promoting global plans adjusted to regional needs and developing annual reports (narrative and financial) in coordination with the regional team (COTRADO ALAC) and the global project manager (HNI).
  5. Supporting the COTRADO ALAC Executive Committee in managing the organization's material, human and financial resources.
  6. Maintaining a close relationship with the COTRADO ALAC Executive Committee, channeling information on central and local decisions to the different bodies of the regional organization.
  7. Carrying out tasks assigned by the Executive Committee of COTRADO ALAC related to the development of projects and the regional organization.
  8. Managing the logistical preparation of workshops, forums and regional meetings (virtual and physical) to promote knowledge sharing among home-based worker leaders.
  9. Leading the region's internal and external communication systems. This includes the development of communication strategies and discovery of platforms that facilitate sharing among leaders and solidarity in the region.
  10. Developing project reports, learning monitoring and assessment, writing meeting reports, etc.

The person holding the Coordination position for COTRADO ALAC projects must meet the following profile:

  1. To have experience in the development of regional and international organizations, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  2. To have experience in the trade union field, as an activist and advocate of trade union/labor rights, as well as in social networks of national and international workers' organizations. In particular, to have done political and social activism to promote and protect civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights of women and men workers, youth, women, sexual diversity people, or other populations. Likewise, have experience in organizing regional events and in the logistical preparation of union meetings.
  3. To have theoretical and political knowledge with a focus on gender, class perspective, intersectionality and interculturality.
  4. To have administrative knowledge for managing the organization’s material, human and financial resources.
  5. To have experience in report writing.
  6. To have technical knowledge for drafting public policies, norms and rules that contribute to improving the conditions of unregulated work in the region; ideally, the person should be a professional with a degree in Social and/or Political Sciences.
  7. Wide availability, although not necessarily exclusive, but with priority dedication. Likewise, availability to travel on work trips in order to join affiliates and/or support affiliates in their organizational processes when requested by them.
  8. To have full knowledge of the theoretical tools and documents developed by COTRADO ALAC, HNI, WIEGO, ILO and other international organizations related to the social aspect of work.
  9. To have communication and people skills to interact effectively with affiliated unions. Having good teamwork skills but also being able to work independently.
  10. To have reading and writing skills in Spanish, English and Portuguese for written communication with grassroots organizations in the region. Also, having skills in writing messages and speeches with political content consistent with the job requirements.
  11. To have at least 3 years of relevant work experience, ideally working directly with women's groups and workers.
  12. To live in the Latin American region.
  13. To have at least 5 years of experience working in the development sector.

Working hours and Location

Full time role. Remuneration to be decided based on work experience.


Please submit your CV and a letter of interest no later than February 15, 2023.
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For media inquiries, please contact:

Laura Revelo

HNI Communications Officer